À propos

The main purpose of this website is to share my interests with you, to simplify your everyday life and (maybe) to teach you some things. Thus, you can choose a theme that you like and discover applications, articles, videos and a lot of other things on the topic.

Most of the time, the articles that I will write will be be quite short. Indeed, the point is not to write a newspaper but rather to indicate other websites which will explicit the informations. From time to time, there longer articles or personal projects presentations will be published.

This initiative is strictly personal. At the beginning, I told myself that learning how to code a website from scratch could be always useful. Then, I loved it. I constantly learn new stuff and add some content. I talk about what I find interesting and I share my discovers with you. Whatever, it is funny and exciting (for me, at least).

Logo and title's meanings: To those wondering why is the website called BioLibre, this name is a mix of different words (Biodiversity, Balance (Equilibre in french), Diversity, Liberty and Biography. I think that all of these elements are importants and capture my spirit. As far as the logo is concerned (the dolphin), I reckon that animal protection is essential. I particurlaly have a engineer degree in water management. About colors, the blue and the green represent earth and water which are both fundamental life elements.

All remarks are good to take, I invite you to send me a mail with the page Contacts.