Yuka: the food scanning app
Yuka: the food scanning app
Yuka: the food scanning app
Let's go shopping!

Have you ever noticed while doing shopping that some consumers had the strange habit to scan the different products’ barcode with their phones? If so, they were maybe using the “Yuka” application, launched in 2017 by three French entrepreneurs and used by at least 8,5 million people since the beginning of 2019. But what is “Yuka” exactly”? The principle of the application is quite simple: to help consumers finding the best products from major food retailers, the ones which present the lowest risks to human health (the less loaded with saturated fat or additives for example), and therefore having the best alimentation possible.

Let’s take an example: you’re looking for a quick snack and heading towards the grocery store after school or work. There are many different options, between chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, mellow cakes or biscuits… Hard to know which one to choose, or even to understand the ingredients list on the packet. But if you’re looking for something “healthy” in a supermarket, the choice seems even harder to make… That’s when Yuka can be useful!

By using your smartphone, you can scan the barcode of any food or cosmetic product thanks to the application. In a few seconds, Yuka will tell you everything about this product, identifying its defects as well as its qualities. It will this way obtain a rating out of 100 and a colour according to its nutritional quality, the presence of additives, but also its organic label. When a product gets a bad result, Yuka can also provide “healthier” alternatives.


The application can like this analyse any product (except for salt or alcohol), all brand together, as long as it has a barcode. Careful though, this totally free application is not universally accepted by scientists: some of them highlight its inability to signal processed products or the complete absence of a scientific basis to justify certain results. Nonetheless, this application has the merit of raising consciences and learn you more about everyday products. To known if the application is available in your country and download it, ckeck the webiste: https://yuka.io

Written by Typhaine (11/21/2019)
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