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Arachne is a myth from Greek mythology. Her story is part of Ovid's metamorphoses (like Narcissus).

Arachné is a human known for her talent as a weaver. Nobody seems to be able to match his technique. One day, Athena, goddess of wisdom and war but also a great weaver, hears about this young woman. To approach her and discover her work, she turns into a tottering old lady. She then meets a proud Arachne who explains that she is the best weaver in the world, superior to Athena herself ... Arachne is moreover determined to prove it. She takes her tools and illustrates the indecent behavior of the gods (notably the fickle character of Zeus (as in the story of Sisyphus)). The goddess evaluates the work but finds nothing wrong with the embroidery of her competitor. Furious, she reveals herself, strikes Arachné and destroys her work. A little later, Arachne, sad to have dared to challenge, dishonest and insult her goddess (whom she admired despite her arrogance), hangs himself. Athena is moved by the girl's fate and decides to give her a second life in the form of a small animal capable of weaving until eternity: the spider.

Written by Maxou (05/21/2020)
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