Benjamin Brillaud

Benjamin Brillaud

Benjamin Brillaud
Nota Bene

My dear comrades, good morning, this is Benjamin Brillaud. Benjamin, born in 1988, is a popular video maker known for his YouTube channel Nota Bene. His favorite themes are history and mythology.

This cameraman and editor is a history buff. He decided, in 2014, with his audiovisual experience to embark on popularization on YouTube. He was inspired by channels already present such as those of Bruce Benamran (E-penser) or Patrick Baud (Axolot) but on his favorite theme which is still not very detailed. He quickly gained many subscribers (100,000 in 1 year then 1 million in 2019) thanks to his style, his particular theme and the quality of his videos.

In 2015, Benjamin and his wife (Calie, another youtuber, creator of the Topauvores chain) created a meeting event with subscribers which would later become a real festival in Montbazon: Les Historiques. Since 2017, this festival has brought together historians and videographers for numerous conferences. These are available on Benjamin's second channel: Nota Bonus.

The recurring format of the main channel is quite long (15 min on average). The videos talk about various subjects such as sex in the Middle Ages, Norse Mythology, Egyptian Mythology or the 3 incredible impostures ...

Video game enthusiast, he directed a series of 10 episodes called History’s Creed for the cultural channel Arte. This series raises the question of historical veracity in the world of video games. Benjamin is also the author of the book “The Worst Battles in History” and of Nota Bene comics with explanations from his channel.

We leave you here a small video of this bearded creator on Greek mythology, it's a gift:

Written by Maxou (03/09/2020)
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