Charlie Danger

Charlie Danger

Charlie Danger
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Here is a name for circumstances. Charlie Danger, creator of The Revues of the World YouTube channel, is a modern day adventurer. The one who qualifies as Lara Croft of the YouTube Game ("worse" she says, but that's wrong) is one of the only women on the platform who is not known and followed to talk about make-up, fashion or beauty. Her thing is history. Charlie Danger began studying history and archeology before devoting himself to popularization to share his passion in 2014.

She succeeds in making history even more fascinating, and that is probably why she has more than 600k followers today and more than 18M views. And she deserves it: according to an article published in Le Nouvel Obs in 2015, the popularizer would spend an average of three weeks on each of her videos. What then deliver us quality content, always verified which we willingly trust. Because Charlie’s strength is to constantly question and question history. "I am wary of people who think they know everything about a subject because, precisely, true enthusiasts know that given the breadth of an era, we can never know everything about it," she said in this same article.

And we would have liked to have courses of the same quality from his videos during our schooling. We would certainly have avoided a grade of 7 in the baccalaureate. How was Christmas celebrated in history? How to build the Pyramids? Is the Earth hollow? So many questions that Charlie Danger answers with passion and easily trains us, especially thanks to the incredible and ultra-worked graphics of his videos. For that, she surrounds herself with Mr Sley and Clara Tessier, with whom she also writes. As a true pro, one of our favorite YouTuber gives access to all of her sources by describing each of her videos. Do not hesitate to have a look.
Her work has also been praised on several occasions, notably by the teams at the Louvre Museum, with whom she collaborated. From this partnership, excellent videos were produced, filmed at the museum, in particular on the myths in Egypt and on the creation of mummies.

Finally, Charlie Danger also fights against sexism and harassment on the Internet. Harassed for 3 years following a video where we saw ... her body, the young woman made a real fight of it, which we gladly support. One of his last battles? Create a credits in which she staged herself in order to imitate a painting that she likes. Only downside: we would have seen her nipple. Best way to be censored by networks ... but also to receive comments.
Come on, what if in 2020 we were more interested in the very interesting content of women like Charlie Danger on YouTube? We invite you with this excellent video from Revues Du Monde, which is just one of many. Yes, we admit, we didn't even know how to choose.

Written by Anne (02/27/2020)
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