Les grands mythes

Les grands mythes

Les grands mythes
Animated Greek mythology

Les grands Mythes are videos on Greek mythology produced by Arte France from 2016. The author, François Busnel (host of “la Grande Librairie”), tells with passion and precision the great stories of these bewitching epics (the creation of the world , the loves of Zeus, the fate of Orpheus…). The quality of the animation and the story quickly take the viewer into a captivating universe. Universe sublimated by the paintings used (Picasso, Goya, Klimt ...) for illustration. Since 2019, 10 additional episodes are available on the Iliad.

The basic Myths DVD set costs 40 euros (20 episodes) and the dematerialized purchase 20 euros. The other Iliade DVD set costs 25 euros and 15 euros dematerialized. If you buy the global pack (Myths + Myths: Iliade), it costs 50 euros.

We highly recommend these videos if you have always dreamed of understanding Greek mythology simply, pleasantly and effortlessly.

Written by Maxou (02/13/2020)
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