The humorist who change the rules


Haroun is a French humorist born in 1984. His origins are not what matters most according to his statements, so we will not go further on this subject.

After a business diploma, a business trip and a world tour, Haroun is perfecting his first full one man show “Tous complices” from 2013 in Toulouse then in various Parisian theaters. This dandy is inspired by big names (Coluche, Desproges, Les Inconnus, Dummies ...) and has no taboos. He dares to do everything (racism, politics, religion ...) and uses humor as a "weapon of mass reflection" on both news and substantive subjects. It is funny, fine, eaten without hunger and in our time, it feels good.

A little later (we did not find the exact date, it looks like around 2017), Haroun set up an anti-GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) and anti-advertising website: Pasquinade (satirical writing). The goal is to disconnect, to get closer to the public and to have a real interaction between human beings (that's also the beauty and an essential interest of the theater, the living). The public can give whatever money they want (in the hat) to support the project. Several of these shows (or parts of them for others) are available for free on this site or on Youtube. If you want to know more about this particular project, you can read the Pasquinade FAQ.

Haroun also participates in the conclusion of Tedx Paris on the theme of slow and constantly realizes new projects by taking risks ("Special Elections" in 2017, "Internet Etc ..." in 2018, "En Vrac" ... in 2019). He tours all over France with his show entitled “Haroun” (yes). Do not hesitate to take your places at the usual points of sale.

Prince of humor laughs out loud, with Haroun "on rigole bien".

Written by Maxou (01/29/2020)
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