How to wash your hands

How to wash your hands

How to wash your hands

Did you know that it would take 30 full seconds to wash your hands properly? It’s just that you’re used to spending 10 seconds. Wrongly. In fact, instead of focusing foolishly on the palm of our hands, we should especially linger on the fingers, especially between each other, under the nails and gradually go up to the wrists. Steps that we tend to forget, while in times of epidemics like the flu, gastroenteritis or the recent Covid-19, they could save lives, yours first.

Do you mind? We have the solution.

The excellent Leo Grasset, aka Dirty Biology, shared a great discovery on Twitter. The WashYourLyrics site will help you wash your hands properly. 
Very simple, the site is a kind of generator which includes, in 13 thumbnails, the steps necessary for good hand washing, complete and effective. The palm, between the fingers, under the nails... Where it simplifies our life is that under each of these thumbnails appear the lyrics of our favorite songs to allow us, then, to find our way easily in time, singing or waddling. 

The generator works with a standard hand wash, with soap and water, but also with an alcoholic gel. We totally like this. 

Written by Anne (03/10/2020)
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