Julien Ménielle

Julien Ménielle

Julien Ménielle
In Your Body

Julien Ménielle is a nurse journalist and creator of the YouTube channel In Your Body which revolves around his favorite subject: health.

After 10 years as a nurse, he works for 20minutes (editor-in-chief) and creates the format “My Internet to me” where he interviews famous Youtubers (Cyprien, Patrick Baud, Antoine Daniel, Natoo, François Descraques etc… ) on their way of seeing the Internet.

In 2016, he created the channel Dans Ton Corps, which in 2020 had more than 600,000 subscribers. This popular science chain answers many questions that you have potentially asked yourself about health and / or the human body. We especially like the format "Gestures that save" which allows you to learn cardiac massage, taking Heimlich against suffocation or even the lateral safety position. Julien also talks about broader themes such as the harmfulness of the electronic cigarette or the truth about masturbation.

Julien Ménielle is also the brother of Adrien Ménielle, another Youtuber with many talents.

We invite you to discover the work of this man with many caps and we can only advise you to watch the videos on the gestures that save (and it can save, yep).

Written by Maxou (02/25/2020)
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