Recovery position

Recovery position

Recovery position
Avoid choking on the back

The Lateral Safety Position is a first aid action to be performed on an unconscious (unresponsive) person, who is breathing normally and who is lying on their back. An unconscious person tends to lose their innate reflexes (swallowing, coughing) and could choke on their tongue or vomit ...

How to perform the recovery position (see video below at 1min30)?

Let's break it down in steps:

All these steps are recommended by the ERC and in particular help to maintain the cervicals well.

Is this position enough?

In general no (unless John is just drunk), this position is a first aid gesture which intervenes in the logic:

  1. Protection (keep spectators away, be sure to be safe)
  2. Assessment of the victim's condition
  3. Recovery position
  4. Alert to public emergency services (SAMU (15), firefighters (18) ...)
  5. Monitoring

In addition, if the victim is unconscious but the air does not pass, it will be necessary to start performing cardiac massage (CPR).

Written by Maxou (10/04/2021)
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