Respond to a fire

Respond to a fire

Respond to a fire
Extinguish a fire

In 2018, 225 people died and 3,550 were injured in a domestic fire in France. Most occur during the night and it is usually not the flames but the smoke that kills with poisoning in a matter of minutes. We will try to see how to protect ourselves and how to react when a fire breaks out.

The prerequisites:

Prevention :
You can prevent a fire from happening by limiting certain behaviors:

If the fire is minimal and there is still time to stop it
Water is not always the right solution. Better to try to smother the fire:

Things not to do

In the event of a real fire?

If you are the one burning

If the fire is in the forest or elsewhere than in your house:

Much of the information in this article is taken from an article of "Ministère de l'intérieur".

Written by Maxou (10/26/2021)
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