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Bruce Benamran, born in 1977, is a French videographer and popularizer of science, creator of the "e-penser" channel. If you don’t know him yet, Bruce is followed by more than a million people on his channel for his precise and humorous explanations.

From scientific training (computer science and mathematics), he tackles many often hermetic subjects (relativity, quantum physics ...) in the most understandable way possible (which makes it one of the French scientific YouTube channels most watched). The lightness of the speech combined with the seriousness of the explanations make videos accessible and exciting.

Several video formats exist, from basic video (with an average duration of 30 minutes) to flash format of 4 minutes (except the first on the link…) via the "preuve par vieux" who goes back over the history of scientists (if you want to know more about Galileo, Newton, Einstein and all their friends it is in this format).

In 2015, he opened for Alexandre Astier for the show Exoconference (show on extraterrestrial life). In the same year, he also presented a TEDx and released a book entitled “Take the time to e-think” which revisits many subjects or preconceived ideas (a bit like Max Bird) such as: Why a loving magnet -he ? Why do we turn off the lights on a plane a quarter of an hour before landing at night? So what's so "general" about general relativity? etc ...

Finally, we will quote Alexandre Astier on his foal: “Reading Bruce is to minimize the risk of inadvertently becoming part of the sad clan of those who consider themselves superior by simple received idea, by convention, like that… without e-thinking”. We hesitated between 2 videos to present to you, the first is 7 incredible but true stories, the second is this:

Written by Maxou (02/16/2020)
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