Fabien Olicard

Fabien Olicard

Fabien Olicard
The curious mentalist

Fabien Olicard, born in 1982 is a French mentalist, magician and videographer.

At the age of 8, he discovered the book Magica Course by Robert Veno on illusionism (the art of creating illusions). His passion for conjuring begins then and Fabien gradually takes up theater and mentalism.

Mentalism is a performing art that presents performances primarily on unexplainable things and mental faculties. Illusion is part of the techniques used, but the mentalist can also use psychology, suggestion, the development of some of his abilities (memory, sensory abilities) to perform.

These different tools can be found on Fabien's Youtube channel. Channel actually launched on January 1, 2016 when the mentalist decides to make one video per day for 1 year (challenge that his friend Pierre Croce also carries out). It was from that moment that Fabien really became known to the general public (from a few hundred to 200,000 subscribers in 1 year).

In addition, Fabien writes books, designs board games and shows. His projects concern in particular his love for mentalism in the broad sense, the brain and temporality.

But how does he do it and where does he find all this time? It is precisely through his various writings that Fabien explains it to us through his own experience(s). In Your brain is extraordinary (2017), Fabien changes our lives with tips on our brain. In Your time is infinite (2020), he gradually leads us to have more time, to better organize ourselves and to better achieve our goals (in order to more easily touch our own conception of happiness).

Fabien is therefore a self-made man who represents the fact that regular work pays off in the long term. If you had to remember only one thing from Fabien (and his friend who told him but does not remember it), it is that 1 is better than 0. And if you want to remember something else from him, there is a video right here:

Written by Maxou (09/20/2021)
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