Germain O’Livry

Germain O’Livry

Germain O’Livry
Dr Nozman

Germain O'Livry aka Dr Nozman, born in 1990, is a French popular science videographer (who skates).

Like his compatriots Léo Grasset (DirtyBiology) or Bruce Benamran (E-penser), he explains science in an educational and fun way. Although there is no specific format marked in stone (True or False, Will it Dissolve, CrystalDex ...), his thing is more experiences and tests of objects of all kinds (playlist scientific objects, experiment playlist). Like his Hand Spinner video, Germain regularly teaches us scientific principles in a fun and intuitive way.

Even if he has no particular technical background (he is not a Doctor as his nickname might imply), he has his videos re-read by competent authorities (teachers, scientists, etc.). It thus proves to us that it is not necessary to have a specific diploma to interest, learn and make understand concepts (gravity, distribution of the masses, chemical reactions ...). It is his constant work and personal research that is at the origin of his success. And that may also be what appeals. Germain is not a researcher but a person like you and me (if you are not a researcher) who learns and shares while having fun.

As you can see, we invite you to watch the videos of this Breton man of the night (“noz” “man”). We’ll just leave you a small sample ... (yes I know it’s a bit vague). Go quickly because as this talented videographer would say, science is not waiting.

Written by Maxou (04/28/2020)
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