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Marion Montaigne
You will die less stupid


Marion Montaigne, born in 1980, is a blogger, screenwriter, illustrator and creator of You wiil die less stupid (2008), a humorous comic strip popularizing science., a humorous comic strip popularizing science. The series is rapidly gaining popularity and is adapted to book format (2011) and then cartoon (Arte in 2016).

You'll die less stupid answers many scientific questions posed by false readers (Is teleportation possible? Could we breathe underwater?) And this, as rigorously as possible. As with Max Bird or Bruce Benamran, the main interest of these videos lies in popularization (with several humorous features). And who says popularization, says simplicity and facilitated understanding. Thus, the episodes do not detail all the elements for reflection and refer, if necessary, to the more exhaustive sources of the site (regularly coming from scientific publications and / or reports of institutions).

The funny format (Professor Mustache who uses his assistant Nathanaël in particular as a guinea pig ...) and very short (3 min per question in video) allows you to learn without much effort, and that, more than that.

So we invite you to try it, and whether you do it or not ... you will die anyway ...

Written by Maxou (02/24/2020)
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