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Max Bird

Max Bird

Let’s go back to the beginning, Max Bird (Maxime Déchelle) is a French humorist, popularizer and ecologist born in 1990. His stage name (Bird) is linked to his passion for biology and in particular… ornithology. Scientific training (then theatrical) and of a rather rationalist nature, Max bird takes a great interest in veracity and popularization of science.

In 2015, he created the one man show the Encyclo-Spectacle in the form of a humorous lesson for everyone (still in theaters until June 2020!).

In the same line, he launched in 2016 his Youtube channel which aims to unzip many misconceptions because "people say anything all day long". Thanks to the quality of his videos and the help of Doc Seven (friend of Max), his channel quickly gained many subscribers. The subjects treated are varied (is the tomato a vegetable? Can we enlarge the penis?, Is homosexuality against nature?, Do video games make them violent? Etc ...) and the explanations (admittedly simplified but without too many shortcuts) are based on serious research work (links in description of the videos).

In 2017, Max Bird aggregates all the received ideas in a book entitled: Max Bird dézingue les idées reçues. He dismantles, in paper format, more than 380 false ideas (not all of them corresponding to his videos). In 2018, he released a game in the form of a question box (talking among other things about mythology and, of course, misconceptions). The game costs 11 euros.

In 2019, Max Bird wrote his second book: Myths and cult legends revisited with love by Max Bird. As its name suggests, this work explains in a simple way many myths and legends more or less known from various cultures (Egyptian, Greek, Viking ...). In the same year he began to present C’est toujours pas sorcier (CTPS) on France 4 accompanied by Cécile Djunga and Mathieu Duméry (Professeur Feuillage). The concept is the same as in the show C’est pas sorcier (1993-2014) and thus takes up the notions of education and popularization dear to Mr. Bird (and to BioLibre).

We strongly invite you to discover this funny, passionate and exciting nature lover, committed and engaging, through all the different formats available.

Written by Maxou (02/12/2020)
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