Patrick Baud

Patrick Baud

Patrick Baud

Patrick Baud, born in 1979, is a French author and videographer mainly famous for his Axolot YouTube channel.

Patrick begins by telling strange stories on the radio in the early 2000s (program Exocet). Then in 2009 he created a blog called Axolot, in which he wrote articles on the world's curiosities. The axolotl is a salamander with strange features (reproduces in the larval state, regenerates its damaged organs ...). This search for strangeness is what best defines Patrick’s work: exciting and tasty stories but curious and amazing. Axolot is gradually becoming a series of comics, the name of its mascot, and an excellent YouTube channel.

Patrick launched himself on the video platform in 2013 because he admired Vsauce (American YouTuber), lived in collocation with François Theurel (Le Fossoyeur de Films) and said that there was a certain type of content missing in France. He later collaborated with Bruce Benamran (Get it) and inspired people like Benjamin Brillaud (Nota Bene). On its channel, we find various subjects ranging from “funeral rites to exoplanets, passing by the hidden quirks of the big cities of the globe (strange stopover series)”. Patrick, for example, lets us discover the strangeness of the Louvre, frightening islands or even atypical portraits.

Patrick also writes books on the little known wonders of the planet (Secret Earth, Secret Places, Secret Nature ...) and other special editions (also wonderful) that we invite you to discover on his website.

Finally, since 2015, the creator of Axolot has organized a show, the Vigil, where people come to share the extraordinary stories they have lived. The videos are recorded and available on the soberly titled Youtube channel: La Veillée.

So if you like stories, say "well, it's weird", here we leave you a small sample:

Written by Maxou (03/12/2020)
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