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Alexandre Astier

Alexandre Astier
The king

Alexandre Astier, born in 1974 is a French actor, composer, director, screenwriter and humorist. He is notably the author of the successful series Kaamelott where he plays the role of King Arthur in search of the Grail.

Son of actors, he studied music at the conservatory while working on his mastery of the theater. In the 2000s, he played in several plays (le Jour du froment, Nous crions grâce…) and gradually developed (with Christopher Vogler's work in mind) his Kaamelott project (he won in particular the public price of the Off-Courts festival for the short film behind the project: Dies irae).

Kaamelott is, in any case at the outset, a humorous series about the Knights of the Round Table broadcast on television. Alexandre is author, composer, actor and director. He asked for several family members to play for him as well as other actors whose value he knew. The short format used at the beginning (3 min episodes) gradually changes to a longer format (40 min) and the humorous atmosphere gives way to a more dramatic environment in the last seasons (season VI in 2009). In parallel, Alexandre wrote from 2006 a comic strip. Derived from the television series, it allows us to go further in narration than the format of the small screen.

Alexander is also the author and actor of two terribly funny and educational plays. First that my joy remains (2012) on the life of the musician Johann Sebastian Bach then the Exoconference (2014) on the creation of the Universe and the possibility of an extraterrestrial existence (with Bruce Benamran in the first part). He exploits and transmits to us, with his two shows, two of his great passions, science (interview with Patrick Baud) and music.

Since the end of the television series, Alexandre has been working on many projects as an actor (Comme t'y es belle!, LOL, Coluche: L'histoire d'un mec ...), director (David and Madame Hansen ), co-director (Asterix: The domain of the gods, Asterix: the secret of the magic potion…) or co-writer (Pop Redemption). Some people admire him for his work and wonder when he stops ... But for him, what requires him the most work are ... his 6 children. Alexandre is also working on the sequel to Kaamelott (movies), the first part of which is scheduled for July 2020.

We let you discover what is going on in the mind of this inspired and inspiring character.

Written by Maxou (03/18/2020)
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