La Comédie Française

La Comédie Française

La Comédie Française
The hive and its bees

Comédie-Française or Théâtre-Français (nicknamed le Français) is an institution founded in 1680 which resides in the heart of the Palais-Royal in Paris. His emblem is a beehive. It is the only national theater in France which has a permanent troupe of actors. Molière is considered there as the “boss”. The chair in which he died during Le Malade Imaginaire is still present in the building.

According to its motto Simul and Singulis, "Being together and being yourself", the troop reconciles the strength of the collective with the uniqueness of each. This is made up of actors with different statuses:

It is therefore quite difficult to be among the few "elected" (a little over 70 in 2018) and all this may seem a little pompous to some. However the quality of play is exceptional, the decorations are splendid and the reputation of the Troupe is important for french plays.

Since 2009, the Comédie has also been a school where each season, young people who have already graduated in theater receive additional training to go from school to reality. These handpicked students are not boarders but are preparing an MBA in developing cultural projects alongside the Troupe.

Sources: France Culture, Wikipedia, site of Comédie-Française

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