The Xylophages

The Xylophages

The Xylophages
The wood eaters

The story of the Xylophagous company begins in 2015 with Caligula (Camus). Ariane Issartel (student in comparative literature, musicology and dramaturgy at the ENS Paris) then brought together several talented actors. Several creations on set followed, original (Alice, A.T.A.X, Eclipse) or taken from classics (Midsummer Night's Dream ...).

The company claims to be a physical theater called "poor theater". However, although the work of the bodies is greatly valued and a real relationship with the spectator is sought, the company's theater does not give up, contrary to the words of Jerzy Grotowski on this type of theater, the costumes and the music. Indeed, in Xylophages, each creation is embellished with song and cello to the delight of our ears. In addition, to see the designs on the decorations (and tights ...), little is left to chance and the work done on the clothes takes our eyes through the marvelous.

The troupe also makes us discover Shakespeare in a new light. With "The Midsummer Night's Dream", the playwright of Hamlet and MacBeth is no longer as tragic as it seems and there are many laughs!

Whether the actors and actresses are practicing ninjutsu (remarkable falls before), singer (voices in constant harmony), screenwriter, follower of pansori, director, journalist, astrophysicist, mathematician or specialist in the clown, they each bring their stone in the building and allow to offer shows worthy of the most beautiful fireworks.

The technicality and the work of the Xylophages therefore penetrate our bark to devour the heartwood. We strongly invite you to go see them so that they do the same.

Sources: Jerzy Grotowski on the notion of poor theater, Ina.

Written by Maxou (01/12/2020)
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