The Promised Neverland
The Promised Neverland
The Promised Neverland

As the manga of the same name established itself as an immense success in Japan since it came out in 2017, let’s talk about the adaptation in twelve episodes of this best-seller, available since the beginning of the year. Even though I thought the contrary while reading its title, The Promised Neverland has nothing to do with what James Barrie imagined in his Peter Pan’s stories, creating “Neverland”, a fictional island where everything is perfect.

If this manga is far from offering such an idyllic plot (children raised in an orphanage discover the terrible truth about the world that surrounds them, as well as the part they are meant to play), you will nevertheless become children once again while watching this adaptation, frightened by adults that you can no longer trust and gullible enough for wanting to venture in the outside world (this much talked about promise land in the title of the anime). You will from then on become an orphan among the orphans, looking desperately like them a way to escape the farm where you grew up, a garden of Eden with a claustrophobic atmosphere.

If you decide to follow this endearing bunch of kids after the first episode’s revelations, there are further discoveries to come! Treasons, secret rooms and tag games are on the menu of this anime, where you should prove yourself more intelligent than the adult to survive.

The first season of The Promised Neverland is available in English on platforms such as FUNIMATIONNOW, HULU, CRUNCHYROLL, and HIDIVE. We recommend it to all the lovers of riddles, twists, adventures, futuristic and supernatural stories dealing with young characters, brilliant enough to move adult’s hearts!

Good escape!  

Written by Typhaine (11/22/2019)
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